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Bristol Channel cutter


A fine pedigree
The BCC was based on the fabled Bristol Pilot Cutters of the UK, which effectively started the arms race of yacht design (that we know so well nowadays) to attain the speed necessary to first reach the tall ships of the 1800's in the treacherous seas off the Bristol Channel .
Fast but stable
The Bristol Channel Cutter's beautifully lofted deep keel was the key to her seaworthiness, along with her generous beam and heavy displacement which results in a boat that hardly moves when you step on board. Ultra strong rigging and generous sail area (via the iconic bowsprit) allows the BCC to reach max speeds of 10 kts.
Ocean going bluewater cruiser
Lyle C Hess (the father of BCCs) borrowed the phenominal seaworthiness and speed the Pilot Cutters needed to survive in huge seas, and integrated it into a highly capable Bluewater cruiser which was genuinely built to sail round the world multiple times with safety.
Spacious and comfy
Her generous beam and upright bow and stern maximises every inch of boat space. Mated to a surprisingly heavy displacement means BCCs are famed for their capacity to swallow gear whilst providing generous seating and berthing capabilities.
About the BCC
I'll never forget the first time I let the tiller go in 30 knots  and watched the boat steer by itself for minutes on end. Impressive!
Go small. Go now.
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