30 foot
Tacoma, WA

We've decided after a year of thought to sell our beloved sailboat. It's a sad day. Woodrose was built by hand in the mid 80's by local shipwright. Her drawings are nearly identical to the famous Serrafyn. Her builder consulted with Lyle Hess, the architect of Serrafyn, to find his perfect match. Thus, was Woodrose created.

She's 30' overall. 25' on deck. She's beamy at almost 9' and drafts a little over 4'. She's a dream to sail solo even if a bit stubborn on the turn. She was built with old growth Douglas Fir and Black Locust for the frame work. Silicon Bronze, stainless steel, and a bit of hardwood cherry round her out. We bought her, sailed her hard for a few years and hoped that we'd find the right place to have the bright work done, new paint, zincs, etc..

Alas, we did not. She's suffered from the neglect. She needs a paint job on the top decks and bulwarks, and all bright work needs to be done. Otherwise she's tip top. Her engine, an Isuzu runs strong at 500 hours. Her rigging is solid, like bluewater solid. Her sails, however dirty, respond well, and the barn door rudder stands up next to any Puget Sound Orca sighting. Below decks she's still gorgeous. Minimal, but functional. She does not disappoint.

She has a propane stove, wood stove for heat, and a sink. Bottom line, she's regal. Included, (not an exhaustive list) Anchors Extra Chain A very worn cover AIS Radio Storm Jib Bumpers 1/2in 3 strand mooring line, (none of this motor yacht crap) Happy to answer most questions, but the goal is to sell her. We get sad talking about her, you know? She's moored in Tacoma at a safe accessible location.

What do you think?

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