24 foot

Seraffyn of Victoria

year launched
White Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Bronze
24' 4" LOD, 9' 1" beam
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Easily the most famous BCC of all time, Seraffyn starred in it's own book series written by the boatbuilders and owners - Lin and Larry Pardey.

The books are likely the reason you are here at BristolChannelCutter.org, and if not, then you can buy them on the Buy BCC goodies page.


Seraffyn was built between 1965 and 1968 in Newport, CA - the home port of Renegade of Newport, the Lyle C Hess designed boat that inspired Larry to build his own. Larry approached the owner Hale Field who famously responded 'not for sale' but did give Larry the tip off that Lyle Hess was the man to chat to.

Upon contacting Lyle, Larry struck up a friendship that would last a lifetime. Talking extensively, Larry explained what he was after, and shortly after gave the commission for Lyle to design a small, seaworthy bluewater ocean cruiser based on Renegade - and Serrafyn of Victoria was born.

Even in 2018, the romance and adventure of those early years are still powerful, with 1000's of cruising dreams starting from this amazing boat.


During the build process Larry met Lin, and the rest they say is history. "Cruising in Seraffyn" has a very enjoyable initial section on the build of the boat, and I would encourage you to buy and read the book. It's available in both Kindle and hardback on the Buy BCC goodies page.

The boat took 3 years to build, and Larry's later book - Classic Boat Construction - outlines the techniques learn on Seraffyn and perfected on her big sister Taleisin.


The original 'Seraffyn' series of books provide a fantastic resource relating to voyaging in a Bristol Channel Cutter, and they cover a complete circumnavigation which took 8 meandering years.

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I'll never forget the first time I let the tiller go in 30 knots  and watched the boat steer by itself for minutes on end. Impressive!
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