What sizes does the BCC come in?
The Bristol Channel Cutter was originally designed as a 24' boat (Serrafyn), but the design was later expanded to accommodate 28', 30' and 32'.
Lyle also designed bigger versions (36') but these as classed as Falmouth Cutters.
Can you still get plans?
Lyle C Hess's daughter did used to sell the rights to a copy of the plans for the Bristol Channel Cutter. Follow the Plans thread on the forum to keep ups with the latest news.
Who makes BCCs now?
Sam L Morse closed down a few years back, and I think the glass mould was given to some talented builders - Cape George Cutter Marine Works Inc. There was a beautiful wooden gaff-rigged 30' BCC (Keiki) built in Australia in 2014, and we are keen to find out who built her - watch this space as we find out more.
Is there any videos or books about BCCs?
Yup. There's tonnes of resources, especially from Lin and Larry Pardey. Check out the Buy BCC Stuff page here on BristolChannelCutter.org
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