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Here's a neat way to expand your learning and understanding of the Bristol Channel Cutter with books, videos and other goodies for the BCC.
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General Interest on Bristol Channel Cutters
Cruising in Seraffyn
Lin & Larry Pardey

Fantastic introduction to the world's first BCC. Heaps of great tips about sailing a BCC, and sailing in general. A must-have on any fanatic's bookshelf.
Highly recommended.

Seraffyn's European Adventure
Lin & Larry Pardey

Second in the Seraffyn series. Charts Lin and Larry's progress through Europe (unsurprisingly). Features some great tips, as well as the usual travel stories and inspiration to get you out in your BCC exploring the world.

Seraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure
Lin & Larry Pardey

Third book in the Seraffyn series, and one of my faves. A great mixture of relaxed storytelling and sailing anecdotes, this book is an enjoyable read. Has the usual tips accumulated by Lin and Larry over the years. Updated version.

Seraffyn's Oriental Adventure
Lin & Larry Pardey

Last in the Seraffyn series, completes the Pardey's circumnavigation over (a very leisurely) 8 years. Either makes you very jealous (in a nice way) or motivates you to get out there !!

Taleisin's Tales
Lin & Larry Pardey

Written many years after the Seraffyn series, this book charts the wanderings of big sister, Taleisin. Has the Pardey's usual great, informal travel writing style, plus the usual tips and tricks.

Specific Interest on Bristol Channel Cutters
Storm Tactics
Lin & Larry Pardey

Highly acclaimed title for any serious BCC enthusiast. Detailing the ancient magic trick of heaving-to amongst other storm tactics, this vital book explains how to survive storms and even get some sleep whilst their raging!

Classic Boat Construction
Larry Pardey

An incredibly detailed guide for building a wooden BCC (29' 9") hull from scratch. Amazing amount of valuable information and insight from Larry Pardey, makes it a must have not just for builders but for those who want to understand their boat better.

Capable Cruiser
Lin & Larry Pardey

I found this to be a very useful addition to the boat's library with great info on bowsprits and anchoring. I find myself continually referring back to it. Perhaps slightly dated now but still recommended.

Cost Conscious Cruiser
Lin & Larry Pardey

I've got this book in Kindle format on my iPad and have been impressed. I particularly liked the sections on bonneted jibs, anchoring, and light air performance.

Self Sufficient Sailor
Lin & Larry Pardey

Another great, sensible book by the Pardey's. For me, the sections on abandon ship kits, mainsails, spinnaker poles and anchoring were very useful - but each to your own I guess! Great value on Kindle too (the Kindle viewer is available as a free app for iPads BTW)

The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew
Lin & Larry Pardey

This interesting book is set out as a diary for a 46 day passage, with a topic per day. As it says in the title it covers everything that's not boat specific from catching rainwater to refrigerating on passages. Well worth a read.

General Interest + Travel  (non-BCC specific)
South Sea Vagabonds
J.W. Wray

I couldn't put this book down. It's actually almost 100 years old but a brilliant, exciting read. Not for the faint hearted but somehow Jonny leaves you thinking you can sail to Tonga too.
Shit, that's it. Pack the boat darling, we're leaving for Tonga!! Highly recommended.

Voyaging on a Small Income
Annie + Pete Hill

I bought this book years ago, and it's an absolute classic for those of us who want to make our funds go as far as possible - so we can exp[lore for as long as possible. Usual sailing rig but full of great ideas.

The Voyagers Handbook
Beth Leonard

Another book I bought years ago but still well worth a read. Great for Bluewater cruising but perhaps less focused on money than Annie's book.

Jupiter's Travels
Ted Simon

OK... so this book has absolutely nothing to do with sailing but it's still one of the best travel books I've ever read (many times now). Brilliantly written, un-put-downable and a huge inspiration to all that read it. Read it, then go explore the world - by motorbike or boat... who cares!!

Navigation + Weather
Barefoot Navigator
Jack Lagan

I'm halfway through this book at the moment and was quite engaged in the history section that explains how navigation evolved through various cultures. Can't give a full review but wish I had more time to finish it

Instant Weather Forecasting
Alan Watts

This is a fantastic little pocket book filled with great piccies of weather. Sounds a bit childish but it's anything but. Provides amazingly accurate understanding of incoming weather based on observations. Recommended.

Celestial Navigation
David Burch

Not read this one yet, although we think it's important to have it on our bucket list in today's tech focused world. What happens when your electronics give up the ghost miles from anywhere. Reach for that sextant... and this book.


Digital downloads - Bristol Channel Cutter specific
Off-Shore Sailing 5-Video Pack with Lin & Larry Pardey
Lin & Larry Pardey

This is a brilliant resource for anyone mad on BCCs. I've spent hours pouring over these videos - not just for the gems on wisdom (the compliment the Pardey's books very well) but for invaluable footage of how one of the world's most famous Bristol Channel Cutter has been set up for multiple circumnavigations.

Lin and Larry Pardey's Off-Shore Sailing Series is a collection of 5 videos about the skills required to become a safe and confident blue water sailor.

It is available on DVD (See below) but I bought the version you can download for offline viewing - and it's brilliant on my iPad. You can also stream the episodes online anytime, anywhere if you have an Internet connection (but downloading for offline use makes much more sense). You can also rent or buy individual episodes.

  • Get Ready to Cruise
  • Get Ready to Cross Oceans
  • Storm Tactics: Cape Horn Tested
  • Cost Control While You Cruise
  • Cruising Has No Limits
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DVD - Bristol Channel Cutter specific
Offshore Sailing Series (DVD)
Lin & Larry Pardey

As above but on DVD

Get Ready to Cruise
Lin & Larry Pardey

This episode on DVD

Storm Tactics
Lin & Larry Pardey

Highly recommended

Get Ready to Cross Oceans
Lin & Larry Pardey

This episode on DVD

Cruising has No Limits
Lin & Larry Pardey

This episode on DVD but please note that half the film details Lin and Larry's trip in a 4x4 through Africa.

Boat Gear (Chandlerys)

Classic Boat Supplies

Fantastic online purveyor of all things bronze, wooden and hemp.

Perfect for Bristol Channel Cutters.

I've grabbed a few things from CBS, including some Hempex ropes for mooring lines (which look amazing BTW)!!!

Highly Recommended

I'll never forget the first time I let the tiller go in 30 knots  and watched the boat steer by itself for minutes on end. Impressive!
Go small. Go now.
Lin & Larry Pardey
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