We're very lucky to have our Bristol Channel Cutter - Ubique - based in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel here in Tasmania (known simply as 'the Channel in local parlance).

Here's why we're lucky:

  • stunning scenery that echoes of ancient times
  • a dizzying wealth of all-weather anchorages, with some of the safest in the world (so I'm told... Duckponds I'm looking at you)
  • super friendly locals (yep, the Tasmanians are officially the world's friendliest people, just pipping the Canadians and Peruvians in my experience)
  • prevailing wind is both in the roaring 40's and Westerly - which means we spend most of our time in the Channel broad reaching (oooh yeah!!)
  • there's hardly anybody here (so it's peaceful)
  • it's warm (well.... compared to Scotland)
  • there's heaps of wildlife

It's this last point that I wanted to chat about in this post.

We had a trip recently on Ubique to the north tip of Bruny Island, and we were delighted to come across lots of wildlife. The kids (and Indy the dog) love to watch for seals, and we have a catch-cry on-board... "move to seal ramming speed !! And don't spare the horsies!!". Meaning, "...quick, I've spotted some seals and I want to get closer...".

You see the Channel is full of Australian Fur Seals, which are actually quite rare in the whole world scene.
We don't ram the seals of course but it's amazing how close you can get - close enough to hear them snore. Seriously, they snore whilst they sleep on their backs. Check out these beautiful creatures here:

On the same trip, we encountered some very interesting other animal behaviour - this time from a pod of dolphins - who had come very close to Ubique. Just 10m away!!
Interestingly, the video below shows the animals forcing their prey to shore by beating their tails, and you can hear the concerned shouts from the beach as fins popped up all over the place within a few metres from the sand!!

What do you think?

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