Okay, so the Bristol Channel Cutter may not be the world's most famous boat class but there's quite a following out there on the InterWebNetThingy.

Although we only launched the site about 10 months ago, last week we past the 10,000 views mark!!
Congrats to everyone who has visited the website and made it such a success, as we've been delighted at the response to the new home for the discerning BCC connoisseur or owner, and the amazing feedback we have received.

Our plans for the future still revolve around making these boats more accessible to fans and bringing the BCC community closer together despite being a world apart. To celebrate our collective love of these amazing boats, we're also considering producing a range of clothing with discreet designs that show others our passion. Drop us a line with your thoughts on this one?

So tighten that mainsheet slightly so she heels that bit more, and smile knowing she can easily take you anywhere in the world.

Long live BCCs!


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